Pamela Blais is an urban planner and Principal of Metropole Consultants Ltd.  Her professional focus is in creating better cities by integrating planning, economic and environmental thinking in the analysis of urban issues and the development of innovative policy.  She is particularly interested in understanding key forces that drive urban form, and how to shape urban form so as to maximize its ability to meet current and future trends.  Her approach to urban development issues aims to be strategic and integrated.

    In her twenty-year career as an urban planning consultant, her work has included reurbanisation strategies and research; regional growth planning; municipal

economic development strategies; innovative land use policies for industrial areas; urban regeneration strategies; sustainable urban form, community design and infrastructure; and research on the impact of technology on urban form. 

    Pamela has a Master of Science in Planning degree from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in urban economic geography from the London School of Economics.  She is a Registered Professional Planner and a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

    Her recent book, “Perverse Cities:  Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy and Urban Sprawl” was published by University of British Columbia Press in November, 2010. 

Pamela Blais